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Teaching Philosophy 

When Aerielle envisions her work in teaching, she wants to cultivate an environment that encourages students to seek challenges and new opportunities to learn where they are inspired and personally rewarded. Recognizing all instructors are not diligent in their approach towards providing a balanced curriculum set for everyone to succeed, Aerielle understands the fine line between an environment that facilitates learning and one that reinforces disparities in academic attainment and achievement.

To best facilitate student learning and intellectual development, Aerielle believes it is essential to be guided by these three principles:

(1) develop meaningful connections with students,

(2) mindfully engage students by creating an environment in which students feel capable, and

(3) foster understanding and passion for the research process through recognition of the intellectually stimulating nature of conducting psychological research.

Course List

Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology I (PSYC 1100)

Social Psychology (PSYC 2700)

Courses Prepared to Teach

Undergraduate | Introduction to Psychology, Stigma, Intergroup Relations, Social Psychology, Black Psychology, Health Psychology,


Graduate | Advanced Social Psychology, Intergroup Relations, Health Psychology, Professional Development

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